Komfort Line K-3 hardware is the first product of AXOR INDUSTRY line designed for PVC windows and doors with inside opening. This system is distinguishable for a high level of durability and functionality, and at the same time, keeps pricing attractiveness of a standard class system. Windows with Komfort Line K-3 hardware have high performance characteristics, and can be equipped with all additional options and several security elements.

Smart Line S+ hardware is AXOR INDUSTRY’s conceptual solution offering maximum optional features for the customer. Even the base option of this product line includes wrong operation safety device with sash lifter, micro-ventilation and five locking points. Equipped with security pins only, Smart Line S+ hardware allows to make windows with several security level options, including the highest security level RC2 (WK2) according to international standards. At the same time, design solutions implemented in the Smart Line S+ line not only make this hardware reliable in operation but also help increase the speed and convenience of installation.

Door Line DL door locks – is a new product line from AXOR INDUSTRY, featuring multipoint mortise locks, short single-point and WC locks. The enclosed, steel case of AXOR locks gives the structure completed, esthetic appearance and protects all parts against dust or construction debris getting into the lock’s mechanism. Door Line DL multipoint door locks can be “extended”, allowing for installation of additional locking elements (extensions) that ensure tight pressure of the door sash to the doorframe and air-tightness of the structure regardless of the door height.

Total Protect Technology

The surface of all AXOR INDUSTRY products is protected by Total Protect Technology, a patented coating ensuring high corrosion resistance during the product’s entire service life. (Based on test results, AXOR products were conferred the highest, 5th class of corrosion resistance according to EN 1670 standard).